Submission Procedure 投稿指南


> The ISTAI 2018 paper submission guideline:

Authors who wish to participate in the conference should submit their paper by May 30th, 2018. Papers reviewing are normally within 30 days.

Submit the copyright form by fax (0086-01-84851365) or email istai@vip.163.com. You can download the copyright form here and should submit it with the final camera ready paper during resubmission.

Regularly log in your account to check the status of your paper.

Prepare an oral presentation for the communication at conference special session.


> Requirements 投稿及参会要求

Papers MUST be submitted by the deadline date.

Accepted papers MUST be presented at the conference special session by one of the authors, or, if none of the authors are able to attend, by a qualified surrogate. The presenter MUST register before May 30th, 2018 given for author registration. Failure to register before the deadline will result in automatic withdrawal of your paper from the conference proceedings and program. 

> Templates 

Conference Proceedings Paper Template [391.00 Kb] 

Please download the attachment and carefully read the remarks when preparing your documents.


> 论文模板

Conference Proceedings Paper Template [391.00 Kb]



> Paper Submission 

Authors are encouraged to use the Submission System, and then you can log in your account to monitor the status of your paper.

You can also submit full papers via e-mail: istai@vip.163.com. Please make sure that you put all the information (including mail address, postcode, e-mail, mobile, Tel., fax, title of the invoice, and your job title) in your e-mail.


1. Authors are only permitted to submit papers using one of the methods.

2. Once paper is submitted, the authors unconditionally accept that the copyright is transferred to the sponsor of ISTAI’2018.


> 投稿注意事项

1. 投稿请使用投稿系统,并通过登陆您的账号随时查看论文状态。

2. 会议同时接受邮箱投稿:istai@vip.163.com,请务必在邮件正文中提供(同时于文后附上)以下信息,格式如下: 


联系人姓名 职称 电话 手机 E-mail
详细通信地址   邮编  
发票抬头   传真  


3. 投稿时请提交论文的MS Word版本。

4. 同一篇文章请勿同时使用投稿系统、邮箱两种方法投稿!

5. 作者单位对论文进行保密审查,作者本人应保证来稿的原创性。所有来稿文责自负。 

6. 版权声明:论文一经提交,即表示作者无条件同意会议主办方拥有版权。

7. 投稿注意事项:稿件一经录用不能做任何修改,请作者在投递稿件前认真确认。