Review of ISTAI’2006

The First International Symposium on Test Automation & Instrumentation (ISTAI’2006)
Beijing International Exhibition Center
13th – 16th September 2006
Sponsor: CIS (China Instrumentation & control Society)
Co-sponsor: China Metrological Measuring Institution.
Co-organizer: Measurement and Instrument Committee of CIS
                          Journal of Electronic Measurement and Instrument
                          Key Laboratory of Beijing Mechanical-electronic Measurement and Control system

   ISTAI’2006 was as the part of 17th International Fair for Measurement Instrumentation & Automation (MICONEX’2006), and perspective harvest was acquired.

   ISTAI’2006 got tremendous support from researchers, practitioners as well as engineers in 2006 despite the tight preparatory period. The total paper contributed reached 703, after strict peer reviewing, 454 papers was accepted. All accepted were edited into three volumes of ISTAI’2006 proceedings, and were published by world Publishing Corporation, and all papers were indexed by ISTP.

   The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Xu Xiaoli. Chairman Academician Zhang Zhonghua addressed for this Symposium. Deputy Executive Director & General Secretary of CIS Wu Youhua and Deputy Headmaster Professor Han Qiushi from Beijing Information Science Technology University gave speeches deputized for sponsors and organizers respectively. They delivered their warmest welcome and heartfelt thanks to all the participants from all over the world and good wishes for the success of this Symposium. The chairman of Measurement and Instrument Committee of CIS - Zhao Yulian and Zhongquan - the division head Luan of Science and Technology Department of Beijing Information Science and Technology University, both presented in the opening ceremony.

    Special Report “Redefinition of the SI units for the 21st Century” was given by Academician Zhang Zhonghua. Special invited guest Dr. Kent Rao gave speech titled “LXI – Next Generation of Testing Platform”. The two reports got extra warm welcome from all the participants.

    140 representatives from America, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, as well as inland universities and institutions of China attended this symposium, and 12 of them gave oral presentation on the topic session. The rest representatives also got acquainted with their peer researchers, which made them understand better of their research fields. They exchanged ideas and experiences with each other which broaden their eyesight and made them got better prepared with the future innovation.

   After the closing ceremony, many representatives were still reluctant to part with each other, and they made an appointment to meet each other at the next ISTAI.

Chairman Zhang Zhonghua was addressing on ISTAI2006 opening ceremony

Co-Chair Wu Youhua was addressing on ISTAI2006 opening ceremony

Scene on the Plenary Session

Scene on the Sub-forum